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Designer Textiles, Wholesale

           Manufactured to specification for designers, apparel, interior and distributors.

Designer Textiles, Retail
LeNaté Salon and Color Combs

           Changing the way the world applies hair care products.

Men's Accessories and Shirtings, Retail and Wholesale
Ladies Accessories and Apparel, Retail and Wholesale
Interior Products, Retail
Interior Products, Specified                                                     

For architects, hotels, and commercial buildings. 

Company Profile

The LeNaté Group of Switzerland is DESIGNER ELEGANCE promoting it’s own forward trends and innovative products for the fashion and beauty markets. The products reflect the art of skilled craftsmanship at it’s finest incorporating our creative art staff, Swiss manufacturing of textiles and innovative inventions of beauty, accessories and apparel lines for various different fashion applications.

The LeNaté Group of Switzerland is diversified in its manufacturing capabilities. Located in the hub of the Swiss textile industry it offers only the finest of Swiss yarns, weaving and printing. Our line of colorful and unique textiles emphasizing the beauty of life while transforming the concept into it’s manufactured products for retail consumption as well as wholesale distribution.

The company has a staff of noted artists who offer the wholesale client diversity to create the exact fashion concept it desires. The Company manufactures a line for wholesale and retail sales of yardage while also manufacturing it’s own line of fashion accessories and apparel for men and women. It offers a unique program to apparel and interior manufacturer designers of exclusivity for design specifications.

The interior and commercial usage of the textile products are realized in diverse markets. Textiles and manufacturing of interior products are popular with architects, hotels and commercial users. The Company can work with architects to specify and supply the interior products to contractors.

With manufacturing of interior products for wholesale and retail, the company has a "READY TO GO" program. The line of ready made bed sheets, draperies and bed spreads are designed for retailers offering their clients immediate products at quality levels of custom manufacturing taking months for delivery.

The LeNaté Group of Switzerland is a global manufacturer working with a varied clientele consisting of designers, architects, retail stores, wholesalers, distributors, hotels and commercial. See our reference pages for our products.

Among the staff of designers, the Company has a materials manager and engineer. Products are lab tested for quality assurance.

Our newest product entering the market in late 2003 is the LeNaté Salon and Color Comb. This product has been under design concept since 1984 with the first models being release for retail sales in December of 2003.

Please review your area of interest from this web site and feel free to contact our Marketing Department for details.

The LeNaté Group of Switzerland is a privately held trading corporation of stock holders.

Contact Information

(USA) 1-702-461-4662
          (USA) 1-805-569-9620
Postal address
The LeNaté Group
          4535 Sahara Ave.
          Las Vegas, NV 89102  
Electronic mail
General and Sales Information: jgayle@lenate.com

          Administration: ceo@lenate.com

Design Engineering: engineering@lenate.com



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